Flos & Luna

Artisanal plant-based products for well-being

e-commerce, logo, packaging, photo shoot

Flos & Luna

Create all the tools for a successful launch.

Flos & Luna is a superb online store created by 2 sisters based in Nantes, France. They believe in the power of nature: the magic of plants and their benefits. Their products are distributed all over France and they are about to release a book on witch remedies.

For the brand's launch, we created their logo, designed the packaging and did a photo shoot of their products. Then we designed and developed their e-commerce site.


The challenge was to create a minimalist, modern logo, perfectly recognisable on all the items of the store. The design of this symbol reflects the organic character of plants, and seems to capture the majesty and magic that inhabit them.


Flos & Luna employs ethical and ecological solutions such as the use of chips made from expanded corn as an alternative to polystyrene in packages or even packaging made from recycled paper and biodegradable linen. It's an important gesture that contributes to the universe of the store. We have created the labels and stickers that integrate these packaging into the visual identity of the brand.

Photo shoot

We undertook 2 photo shoots. First, a collection of images for all of the store's products that will feed into the site, taking particular care in the staging. Secondly, a session in the workshop and in the heart of nature to capture the essence of this very special collaboration between 2 sisters, via portraits and moments of product making, in order to best convey the atmosphere and history of Flos & Luna.

e-commerce website

Designed in compliance with e-commerce good practices and developed with wordpress, we imagined a minimalist, modern and elegant site whose primary objective is to provide visitors with clear and efficient navigation, while giving pride of place to the visuals of products and the universe of the store.