Third-party payment management company

site, photo shoot


A redesign of the site to support the evolution of the company.

I-veos is an expert company in the management of third-party payment created in 2007. The previous site was no longer in line with the new ambitions and services of the company. The stake is twofold; modernize and clarify the site on the one hand, and propose an update of the content and structure on the other.


In 13 years of existence, I-veos has evolved. We re-structured the site's architecture and provided new editorial content in line with the company's current ambition and services. We have created an original design that is clear and familiar to the end user, but at the margins of a more uniform and expected competition. The care taken in interactions and navigation offers a rich and fun user experience.

To complete the customisation we have also created a series of original icons dedicated to the activity of I-veos.

Photo shoot

After designing the new structure of the site, we determined the needs that the photo shoot should address; portraits of the team, presentation of the office, and the unique setting of the company operating on a barge, and illustrative images for the site.